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The Pitney Bowes Entrepreneurial Competition


A competition designed to create a clear communication pathway between the startup community and Pitney Bowes.

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If you are looking for a competition with a focus on software and hardware manufacturing.


Pitney Bowes, working with the Stamford Innovation Center, launched an Entrepreneurial Competition to create connections with promising entrepreneurs and startups and to explore new business opportunities built upon Pitney Bowes technologies and capabilities. Each topic represents a key area of strategic importance within the digital and physical customer communications management (CCM) arena.

There are three competition areas:

  • Location Intelligence
  • Secure Evidencing Platform
  • Connect+ web-enabled digital envelope and mail printing system

Winners of the competition will receive:

  • One year of free utilization of office space and Internet access in the Pitney Bowes WHQ in Stamford, Connecticut.
  • Access to Pitney Bowes platforms and capabilities relevant to the three competition areas, along with PB's technical and business expertise.
  • An introduction and access to the Stamford Innovation Center, along with their mentoring and coaching services for PB Entrepreneurial Competition companies.


  • Postage Meters and Office Shipping Software
  • Inserters, Sorters and Printers
  • Ondemand and Presort Mailing Services
  • Online Postage
  • Openers, Folders, Finishers and Shredders
  • Address Management and Tracking Software
  • Postage Expense Management Solutions
  • Pitney Bowes Global Services
  • Outbound Shipping
  • Receiving and Tracking
  • Parcel Sorting
  • Related Solutions
  • Solutions
  • APIs
  • Services
  • Resources
  • Data
  • Location Intelligence
  • Customer Information Management
  • Customer Engagement


  • The entity or team may not consist of more than 10 full-time employees.
  • The entity may not have annual revenues in excess of U.S. $5 million.
  • Each entity must have at least one full-time employee working on the technology or product.
  • The product or technology the entity is offering for consideration represents original ideas wholly owned or licensed by the entity and provides a functionality or capability not currently available in any off the shelf product.
  • The product or technology the entity is offering for consideration represents original ideas wholly owned or licensed by the entity.
  • The entity is willing to relocate not fewer than two of its members (unless the submission is a sole person) full time to Pitney Bowes World Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, to participate in person.

Contact Info

Street: 3001 Summer Street

City: Stamford

State: CT

Zip: 06926

Phone: 1-866-235-9627


Website: Pitney Bowes







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