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IP Factory


A not-for-profit organization organized for the purpose of creating new technology companies in Connecticut.

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If you are a startup company looking to get off the ground and grow.


As a Connecticut-based, not-for-profit corporation, The IP Factory Inc. creates companies and jobs in Connecticut by using our closely managed commercialization process to combine proven technologies or preliminary business plans from major Connecticut companies, a well-defined analytical protocol, vetted entrepreneurs and capital.

The IP Factory also works with other entities in Connecticut that support entrepreneurs and new company formation. This network includes startup financing and venture organizations, incubators, mentor networks, entrepreneurs and people interested in participating as part-time management for startups.


Phase1: Technology Section

  • Initial technical and business analysis of IP/concept.
  • Results in IP/concept selection and consensus on terms for commercialization process.
  • Assemble project team.

Phase 2: Commercialization Planning

  • Focus team on rationale for Technology Section and goals of Phase 1.
  • Validate commercialization potential and market opportunity.
  • Develop a compelling case to carry forward into Business Planning.

Phase 3: Business Planning

  • Develop business plan.
  • Identify management team or licensing prospects.
  • Assess funding sources and interest.
  • Approve business plan.

Phase 4: Commercialization

  • Finalize agreement with corporate partner.
  • Assemble management team or negotiate license.
  • Secure funding.
  • Launch new company.

Contact Info

Contact: Bruce Carlson

Street: 222 Pitkin Street

City: East Hartford

State: CT

Zip: 06118

Phone: 860-205-0381


Website: IP Factory







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