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MIT Enterprise Forum Connecticut


A forum providing advice, support and educational services for entrepreneurs and emerging technology-based companies.

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If you are looking for advice, support and educational services for entrepreneurs and emerging technology-based companies.


MIT Enterprise Forum Connecticut is a volunteer, nonprofit organization operating under the charter of the MIT Enterprise Forum. The mission of the MIT Enterprise Forum is to inform, connect and coach technology entrepreneurs -- enabling them to rapidly transform ideas into world-changing companies. We are a global network of local organizations, inspired by MIT, and open to the world.

Our vision is to build a better world by accelerating the creation and growth of world-class technology companies.


How We Achieve Our Purpose

    We inform, connect, and coach through:

    • Relevant programming including workshops, coaching and mentoring initiatives, subject matter, expert speakers, competitions and challenges, and networking events.
    • Practical content and tailored for entrepreneurs to help them tackle real-world challenges


Who We Impact

We engage all stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as part of our efforts to support technology entrepreneurs.

  • MITEF understands that others are in the entrepreneurial ecosystem can affect an entrepreneur’s success, including other entrepreneurs, incubators, investors, industry leaders, service providers, associations, and government programs.
  • Although MITEF strives to provide value to entrepreneurs across their startups lifecycles, MITEF;s greatest impact is in accelerating the success of early-stage companies and as early as concept stage and pre-seed, but prior to significant institutional funding.
  • MITEF sees technology entrepreneurs as innovators who transform technological capabilities into real-world commercial enterprises, therefore providing value to their customers.

Contact Info

Street: 222 Pitkin St

City: East Hartford

State: CT

Zip: 06108


Website: MIT Enterprise Forum Connecticut







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