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Diverse Supplier Development Academy (DSDA)


The Diverse Supplier Development Academy (DSDA) is committed to the strategic development and support of high-growth potential diverse business owners for real and sustained growth.

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DSDA encircles its participants, giving them the tools they need for long-term success. We provide minority, veteran, and women business owners with the road map they need to improve their ability to contribute positively to their local economies through growth and job creation with:

Mentoring. Our collaboration with SCORE gives you access to successful executive mentors, long-term.

Education. Build strategic business skills and leadership knowledge base in six actionable workshops.

Hands-on Support. MBA students work with you and your mentor to complete tactical projects.

Affordable Resources. Access high-quality, low-cost legal, financial and marketing services.

Contact Info

Contact: Lori Johnson

State: CT

Phone: 203-676-2002


Website: Diverse Supplier Development Academy







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