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Advanced Manufacturing Center - CCAT


Nationally recognized center evaluating technologies and process improvements for manufacturers.

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Showcase and demonstrate leading-edge technology for manufacturers.


CCAT's Advanced Manufacturing Center showcases, demonstrates and evaluates leading-edge equipment and systems for the manufacturing industry.The Center's team of experts and network of machining and software companies, we offer a broad expanse of capabilities to evaluate technologies and process improvements.


The Center offers:

  • Expertise in applied engineering and manufacturing, additives manufacturing in plastics and metals, precision machining, structured light scanning and reverse engineering
  • Business assessments
  • Technology workshops
  • Business connections
  • Funding and grant opportunities

Contact Info

Contact: Don Balducci

Street: 409 Silver Lane

City: East Hartford

State: CT

Zip: 06118

Phone: 860 291-8832


Website: Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT)







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