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Connecticut Procurement Services


Procuring state contracts.

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If you are looking to procure state contracts.


The Department of Administrative Services administers statewide contracts for the purchase of supplies, equipment and contractual services through programs such as:

  • Supplier Diversity (Set-Aside) Program for women and minorities
  • State and Federal Surplus Property Distribution
  • Construction Contractor Pre-qualification
  • P-Card
  • Environmentally Preferred Purchase
  • State and Federal Surplus


All services are geared toward assisting businesses to learn how to do business with the State.

Existing and prospective suppliers can search online state contract offerings, solicitations and vendor information online using the state contracting portal.

Should a supplier wish to conduct business with the state, a business network account must be created, BizNet offers a convenient online tool to create a business network account and search state contracts, and solicitations as well as provides vendor information.

In addition, the Department of Administrative Services offers programs to become a certified and/or diversified vendor.

Contact Info

Contact: Carol Wilson, Director

Street: Dep. of Administrative Svcs, 165 Capitol Avenue

City: Hartford

State: CT

Zip: 06106

Phone: 860-713-5095


Website: Department of Administrative Svcs - Procurement







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