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The Contiguity Group


Enables customers to capitalize on new and innovative mobile technology.

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If you are looking for new and innovative ways to use technology.


We create and advance innovative uses of mobile platforms based on real-world business demands. We strive for synergy when we build a mobile approach for our customers. When leveraged correctly or in other words, contiguously mobile technology can truly transform businesses. We aim to enable our customers to capitalize on new and innovative mobile technology to create that synergy, leading to increased productivity and transparency, an improved employee and user experience, and a clearer path to accomplish business objectives. Our results have created extended business results for each of our clients through the interconnectivity that mobility can provide, when done correctly.

Contact Info

Street: 5 Science Park

City: New Haven

State: CT

Zip: 06511

Phone: 203-671-2661


Website: The Contiguity Group







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